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Welcome to the Axxon Health Website

Axxon Health commenced operations in July 2001 with seven specialists practicing in the fields of Anasesthesia and Pain Medicine.

Axxon Health has increased in size during the intervening period and currently has a total of nineteen associates of whom all are specialist anaesthetists. Four of our number also specialise in pain medicine.

Axxon Health supports both educational courses for medical and nursing staff having run a successful independent course “Everything Airways” in February 2014. Most of our practitioners are either Senior Lecturers or Associate Professors with the respective Universities at the Private Teaching Hospitals at which they have visiting rights.

Axxon Health supports various charities within the Health Sector. In 2013, a significant donation was made to Bairo Pite Clinic that assisted with their tuberculosis prevention activities in children throughout East Timor.

Axxon has established a wholly owned subsidiary, Vigilans Pty Ltd (www.vigilans.com.au) which provides virtual and live medical Practice Management services for all medical disciplines.

Our website has been redeveloped to assist you to find out more about Axxon Health and our Anaesthetists. Feel free to contact us by email at inquire@axxon.com.au or by phone on (07) 3214 8555.

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